Monitor Social Media

Want to know what your employees, competitors, and prospects are saying about you or your organization on the web? Now you can with our Social Media Monitoring Service. It is critical in today’s environment to know what is being said about you in the world – to both acquire business intelligence as well as to manage one’s online reputation. We help simplify the process by enabling you to monitor social media across the global web. We combine broad content, robust searching and comprehensive analytical reports through our easy-to-use media management platform. Our pricing is much more affordable than many of the large company players in the market. Plus you receive personalized account executive and access to our U.S. based customer support team via phone when you need it.

Social Media Sites

Search across popular social media micro-blogging and video sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and YouTube as well as millions of blogs.

Monitor Chatter Trends

Easily measure chatter trends across your areas of interest. Chatter spikes or dips may indicators of issues of critical importance to your organization which need to be addressed..

Cross Search Agent Compariso

Easily measure chatter trends and compare activity across various search agents.

Track Social Sentiment

State of the art sentiment analysis technology to automatically identify negative comments that help you protect your brand's reputation, and positive comments to understand what your are doing right.

Daily Email Reports

Receive daily email reports summarizing your social media activity.

Data Exports

Easily export data for customized analysis.